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Terese Mudgway

After spending nearly 15 years as a leading marketing professional in New Zealand and Australia, I found myself a little deflated, uninspired and unfulfilled. I was looking for more.

There were many components of my corporate career I enjoyed, but I knew I wanted something more meaningful and rewarding.

I had grown up with a father who was a Doctor of Chiropractic, so I’d always known about Applied Kinesiology and had an observatory fascination with it. It wasn’t until I was visiting my chiropractor in Sydney that I realised Kinesiology was now an independent modality. In that moment I knew what my purpose was.

Following four years of study, and graduating with an International Diploma of Professional Kinesiology Practices (ICPKP), I opened my first practice. I now see clients both in Australia and internationally.

I have since gone on to take Kinesiology into corporates where it is integrated as part of organisations wellbeing programs. I work with executive teams on productivity and performance and run workshops all founded in the philosophies and techniques of Kinesiology.

I have never been known to do things by halves, so along with running my clinics, and developing bespoke corporate wellbeing programs, I recently opened a kinesiology college (insert link) with my long-standing friend and colleagues Sarah Gilmour-Mayne.

You could say I love what I do!!!


I am passionate and committed in facilitating individuals and groups to live an empowered and authentic life. I am a business owner, entrepreneur, thought leader, philosopher and speaker asking the right questions to help others find their own truth and potential. I believe in living a life you love.



Chrissy is a passionate kinesiologist who has been studying and practicing for over 10 years. She works with people of all ages, supporting them through whatever transformation they are experiencing. Chrissy works within the energetic system to support the body’s innate healing abilities to facilitate positive change for her clients.


Chrissy Holland

I absolutely love the work that I do! Empowering you to take back control of your well-being and teaching you how to keep moving forward in good health and with lots of happiness.

Over the years, I’ve learned that sacrificing your well-being gets you nowhere fast. It just leads to poor sleep patterns, uncharacteristic bouts of resentment or anger, feelings of being lost or stuck, and an uncertainty about your future.

After 14 years living in Asia where I worked in corporate events and marketing in the sports and banking industries, I returned home to Sydney and decided to seek a career that allowed me more balance, connection and time with my children. Yet I was unsure of what that looked like for me. In searching for clarity and support through life’s ups and downs, I discovered kinesiology.

Kinesiology helped me survive a really rough time in my life in a way I’m not sure any other form of healing could have.

I started sleeping better, felt calmer and I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I quit the negative self-talk and gave myself permission to learn how to share these healing forces.

Finally, I was finding my way back to myself and my purpose. Helping other people has always come instinctively to me. With kinesiology, I was inspired to do that. To help other people help themselves.


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